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The Law Office of Kathy A. Lowthorp is well known in the criminal courthouse in Tarrant, Dallas, and adjacent counties. Our reputation is known for winning cases, caring for our clients, taking care of business, being reliable, honest, and fighters for our clients. The practice is successful because our lawyers are fierce advocates for our clients, and along with our staff, we try to provide the best customer service. We offer free consultations, so you can meet with the lawyer before making a decision.

Our lawyers work in a team effort, complementing our skills to bring a stronger force against your accuser. We handle all criminal charges from murder to simple misdemeanors, along with probation and parole matters. Our firm also offers other services, such as expungements (erasing your record), order of non-disclosures, occupational drivers licenses (civil and criminal).

We treat people the way we want to be treated. Although our winning record could bring in large fees, we do not take advantage of people in desperate times. Our firm offers fair and reasonable fees, with possible payment plans available. We offer both office and cell phone contact, to our clients, in order to be readily available at most times.


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