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I would like to share with you what it means to me to represent you. I know your visit is not easy. The circumstances surrounding your case may make you feel uncomfortable and a little embarrassed. You are walking into an office wondering if you can be helped. Also, you probably don’t know what questions to ask, because this may or may not be your first criminal case. These concerns are all things I keep in mind when providing excellent customer service, both in English and Spanish. My ability to provide good customer service comes from my background, both in business and personal experience. I was born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley, along the southern border of Texas. I have experienced difficult environments that made me feel like forward progress is almost impossible at times. I am disciplined and competitive from a young age through my upbringing and sports. These traits translate into the courtroom, where I utilize my skills in defending you. I find it to be very rewarding to help someone who is in a difficult position because it is my passion and belief that I do it well. Prior to becoming an attorney, the skills I acquired make me successful in negotiations and implementing a winning strategy. I have tried an array of cases independently and as a team with Kathy Lowthorp, where we have won more than lost. There is no case too small or too large that will keep me from providing you zealous representation.

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“Very dedicated and caring person will do anything in his power to help You get trough whatever the case might be And puts in all his work to help you with your case I surely do recommend Mr. Rafael”

- M. Herrera

“Attorney Rafael Sierra is an EXCELLENT, attorney! He LOVES what he does! He does not know when to quit! So u happy an attorney who is PROFESSIONAL, HUMBLE, and RESPONSIBLE! GET THE BEST!”

- S. Sierra

“This man is the face of honesty and professionalism. When looking for someone to represent you, there are many choices out there but there is no one who hates to lose more than him and when life has your back against the wall, hand down, he is the man you should call. God bless you Rafael Sierra and thank you.”

- E. Paredes

“Professionally capable, personally ethical, and hands down the best you can have in your corner in any circumstance. Period.”

- J. Esquivel


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